I’ve been wanting to paint something for my LGBTQ+ friends for a while. In this little corner of the internet, I seek to create a safe, uplifting space for all people, especially those who at one point or another have felt like they don’t belong. I want to say to you: you belong here. You are beautiful and whole, and I love you.

As I’ve pondered my LGBTQ+ friends, I’ve thought a lot about Christ’s love and how He loves us all perfectly. I know not all of my followers are religious, but I think that this is an important lesson for all of us to internalize regardless of religion. Christ did not say “I love you, but (I don’t agree with you/ I don’t approve/ here is some unsolicited advice)” like we humans so often do. He simply said “I love you”. And perfect love heals. Love unifies. What we need from each other is more of that.

I grew up very religious, and my religion continues to be an integral part of my life. However, when I was growing up, I admittedly said “I love you, but...” far too many times. Simply saying “I love you” is what I choose to say now.

I chose to make their rainbows different because no two rainbows are exactly the same, just as no two people are exactly the same. These differences and intricacies are what make all of us so beautiful. ️

As a young child at church, I learned a song titled “Love One Another”. The first line of the song goes ‘As I have loved you, love one another’. So I titled this painting “As I have loved you” in the hopes that whenever someone reads that title, the words ‘love one another’ immediately follow in their head. That’s all I have to say.

As I Have Loved You #1 Original Painting