This piece is inspired by a Japanese pottery technique called Kintsugi (金継ぎ, "golden joinery"). The broken pottery is fixed using a gold lacquer, which reattaches the pieces together and makes it whole again. It features a mixture of male and female figurines, symbolizing the shared experiences and difficulties that many men and women face together. Perhaps symbolic of the difficulties you have been through in your marriage, or the hard things you have overcome in your partnership. 

The purpose of the Kintsugi technique is to honor and highlight the history of the piece. It treats the breakage the piece has endured as something of beauty. I have been enraptured with this technique ever since I learned about it many years ago in my pottery class. It makes me emotional to just talk about.

We are all broken in different ways. Some of us get injured physically, some of us deal with mental health illness, others of us fight eating disorders and feel at war with our body.  But I believe that our struggles and our broken pieces make us all the more beautiful.


Broken Together - Male and Female Kintsugi print