This original painting is 5x7 inches, painted on professional watercolor paper. It is titled 'He Found Me'. 


This image first came to my mind after listening to the hymn ' Come Thou Fount'. A line in the song reads 'Prone to wander, Lord I feel it. Prone to leave the God I love'. That line has stirred deep emotion in me for years. As I was pondering on it recently, this image came to my mind. No matter how far and how often we wander, Christ will find us. He finds me. He finds me and hugs me tight, for I am precious to Him.


When storms rage and I feel absolutely and completely overwhelmed by the world, my responsibilties, my trials, my doubts, He finds me. He is my safe space. With Him is where I feel true peace. How grateful I am to have a Savior that has found me. 


Upon purchase, paintings will be securely packaged and shipped. 

'He Found Me' 5x7 original painting