This didn’t start off as a religious painting, but a painting about partnership. In Michael and I’s first year of marriage, my world fell apart. A lot of things happened in my immediate family that just made me crumble. And it was Michael who helped me ‘hold my world in place’. I hope this painting reminds you of that person or people that help you hold your world in place, even when it feels like it is crumbling.


As I painted this, I also started thinking about our Heavenly Parents. Equal in every way, holding their world in place, protecting it, and watching over all of Their children. I was reminded that we come from something greater, and we can become something greater. We become more like them every day as we try to keep our own world in place, trusting that they know and understand our pain and our trials.What does this painting mean to you? I’d love to know!

Holding Their World In Place