This is a 5x7 original gouache and watercolor painting. It is painted on professional watercolor paper. 


I created this painting for the @elizabethsmartfoundation campaign called ‘We Believe You’. The purpose of this campaign is to spread the message of believing and supporting survivors of sexual assault.

As a survivor of sexual abuse myself, this campaign is incredibly close to my heart, and something that I am so passionate about. I cannot imagine how different my life would be now if I had not been surrounded by people who believed me. It is absolutely vital to be believed.

This painting is a representation of what it feels like to be believed. 1 in 3 women, and 1 in 6 men have been sexually abused or assaulted. In this painting I wanted to depict a young girl trusting in and being believed by an older woman. This older woman has endured a lot. She has lots of cracks and has gone through a lot of pain. These two believe each other. Tears are shared as they recognize the pain each has endured and seek to turn it into something beautiful. I again incorporated Kintsugi into this piece, because I find it so meaningful. Because I had parents that believed me, I was able to be healed and turn my life into something beautiful. Now it is our turn to create a world where everyone is believed.

I have taken the pledge (second slide) to stand with survivors of sexual violence. I encourage you to do so yourself, and share it with friends and family, so that we can continue to raise awareness for this campaign. By simply sharing this message, you are helping to create safe spaces for people who need us.

I encourage you to head to @elizabethsmartfoundation to learn more about the campaign. Money raised for the #webelieveyou fund will help survivors directly by paying for: rape kits, safe housing, therapy, medical bills, legal fees, and empowerment through smart defense.

I Believe You 5x7 original painting

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