Due to a variety of experiences throughout my life, I have grown to be pretty uncomfortable around men. If given the option, I will always always choose to speak with/work with/associate with a woman over a man. I have always connected with and sought comfort with other women. Until I met Michael, I never thought I would feel safe and secure with a man.

So imagine my utter amazement and joy over the past couple years, as we have started to talk more about Heavenly Mother. She is a comfort to me every single day, and I know She understands and knows me perfectly. I can’t wait to meet Her one day.

Womanhood is powerful, and divine, and it comes through Her. We are cut of the same cloth, we are part of Her. I am always seeking to know Her more.
If you are not religious, maybe this painting will symbolize Mother Nature, your Mother on earth, a close friend, or have some other significant meaning to you. Either way, I hope that you love it and that it makes you feel something. “In Her Arms”
Paige Payne
11x14, acrylic on canvas

In Her Arms

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