As I explored the lowcountry of South Caroina this summer, I just fell in love with the marshes. I felt so much beauty and hope basking in these quiet and seemingly mundane landscapes that fill the south. I love this landscape because I feel like it will be the perfect subtle addition to any room.


This collection of paintings is incredibly meaningful to me and was created during a difficult time in my life.  My purpose in making this body of work was to come back to myself and remember why it is so important to be still. To find beauty in the small moments, to recognize the light and how it blesses our lives with beauty and magic. To see the storms and the mountains and trust that there is happiness and light ahead. In painting this collection, I healed a part of myself that was feeling lost. I often get caught up in the feeling that I constantly need to be making, working, and achieving. This collection represents the magic that can happen when you just sit and let yourself be still. I hope that this artwork brings some beauty, peace, and love into your home!.

In The Lowcountry (Charleston, SC)