After I created my female Kintsugi piece, I had so many of you reach out to me asking me to create a male version. Many of you said that your husbands, fathers, or friends wanted a version they they could keep for themselves. Some of you also wanted a painting for your sons. This touched my heart so much. Men struggle too. Men deal with mental health, physical disease and injury, emotional distress, and often feel broken. I don’t portray a lot of men in my artwork because I am typically creating artwork based on my own experiences as a female. But creating this was so powerful. I am amazed by the men that inquired about this painting; you are proving that true character and strength lies in vulnerability, it lies in understanding your pain and weaknesses, and recognizing how they make you whole. Your broken pieces are a part of your beautiful journey. I love how this painting pairs with my female piece - I tried to make them complimentary 🖤

This piece is inspired by a Japanese pottery technique called Kintsugi (金継ぎ, "golden joinery"). The broken pottery is fixed using a gold lacquer, which reattaches the pieces together and makes it whole again. The purpose of this technique is to honor and highlight the history of the piece. It treats the breakage the piece has endured as something of beauty.

To anyone that has felt broken recently, myself included, I hope these pieces remind you that you are whole, incredible, and so worthy 🖤


In order to keep prints budget friendly, they  do NOT have gold foil on them. I have edited them to look beautiful even without actual gold foil. If you would like to add gold foil, an additional cost will apply. 

Kintsugi print bundle