This is a 5x7 original gouache and watercolor painting. It is painted on professional watercolor paper.  The original painting will be varnished upon purchase and shipped securely once dry!


The perfect valentines gift for yourself, your daughter, your friends, your mum, your sisters. Anyone in your life who needs to be reminded that they are worth loving. 


'Learning To Love Myself'


Valentine’s Day has always been a non-event for me. I was a very introverted teenager who hung out with my mama every Friday night. I didn’t date, and I didn’t have a boyfriend until I met Michael. And while I was sad about that in the moment, the lessons this taught me in hindsight were so important. Every Valentine’s Day, even though I didn’t get presents from a boy, I would come home from school to my favorite treats and a love note from my mum. She told me all the things she loved about me that didn’t have to do with my physical appearance. She told me I loved deeply and had a sensitive heart, that I was talented and hardworking. She turned Valentine’s Day into a day of self-love for me. She helped me start to fall in love with myself. She helped me to become a whole person on my own. I love my husband dearly, but he doesn’t ‘complete’ me. He compliments me and makes my life better, but I complete myself. And you complete yourself! 


That is what I wanted to display in this painting. 


I also wanted to include a mirror because I think mirrors hold a lot of pain for many of us. Years of analyzing and being critical of our bodies, or saying horrible things to ourselves that we would never dream of saying to another person. I want the mirror to be a place of self-love. I want to see who that girl is under the surface and love her completely. I am still working on this, and I think I’ll be working on it my whole life. But creating something visual like this is going to help remind me that I am worth loving. 


I am on a mission to create artwork that would have been powerful to me as a young girl. I think seeing a painting like this every day as a child would have been incredibly impactful for me. 


I hope that this painting can serve as a gift and a special reminder to the women, children, mothers, sisters, and friends in your lives that need to be reminded that they are worth loving. They are beautiful and whole and complete just as they are. 


That is what Valentine’s Day means to me.


Colors may vary due to monitor settings.

'Learning To Love Myself #2' 5x7 original painting