This print is titled 'Living With Heavy Things'.


A little painting as I mused on what it’s like to live with anxiety. Or what it’s like to live with pain, or trauma, or difficult burdens. I’ve always tried to create art that captures emotions that words can’t describe. It’s been a while since I painted something just for me. This painting makes me feel understood, and also hopeful. 


Anxiety has been a constant in my life. A constant feeling in my heart, a constant humming in my brain. I’ve come really far in my life, and I have found peace, but that doesn’t mean it’s not difficult. I still have days where it feels like anxiety is just dominating my life. It’s really hard. It can be even harder to ask for help, because how do you explain feelings and emotions that not even you understand? The point of creating this painting I guess was to help myself better visualize and understand how I feel. And to send solidarity to anyone who might feel the same way, whether that be anxiety, depression, trauma, trials you are going through etc. You are brave. You are strong! You are capable. You are living with heavy things. Although this girl is surrounded with difficulty, she is not giving up. She is trying to understand herself. She is not letting those heavy things win. 


You are not alone


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'Trying To Understand It All' Print

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