This is a 7.5x8 inch original painting painted on professional watercolor paper. It is painted with watercolor, gouache, and acrylic paint. 


Today is world mental health day. I thought it deserved a special painting. I’ve struggled with mental illness since I was a young child. I’ve felt broken beyond repair more times than I can count. I’m certain many of you have felt the same way. In recent months, the symbolism Kintsugi has meant a lot to me. It’s taught me that our history and difficulties do not have to be hidden. They can be highlighted, because our past is beautiful.

My whole life I’ve dealt with anxiety and OCD, but this year was the first time I’ve dealt with depression. And it rocked my world. In the midst of that depression, I had my husband, family and friends rally around and help me pick up the pieces.
We all have pieces of ourselves that we need to put back together. Recently one of those pieces for me has been getting back on my anxiety medication. In this painting, I chose to have some of this woman’s pieces missing, because putting yourself back together is something that we may have to do over and over again. I also chose to have a helping hand picking up one of her pieces. To me recently, that hand has represented my parents encouraging me to get back on my medication. At other times, it has been God, my therapist, a trusted friend, a stranger who was kind, or a guardian Angel. I hope it represents something special to you 🖤

Mental illness is an ongoing battle. I’m so grateful that we are starting to be able to talk about it more and more openly. I hope you know that, if you sometimes struggle with mental health, your difficulties and struggles are nothing to be ashamed of. They are what make you unique and beautiful. I hope this painting gives you some perspective and hope. Here’s to continuing to de-stigmatize mental health and supporting each other as we all try and put ourselves back together.

Putting Myself Back Together