A detailed print of my depiction of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She was an incredible woman who was not only fiercely brave, but constantly reminded everyone around her that being a woman is a strength, not a weakness. She deserves to be remembered and celebrated, regardless of your political beliefs.

I chose some flowers for her crown that I thought were a beautiful representation of her life.
Edelweiss - courage & devotion
Hollyhock - ambition
Carnation - refusal, women’s love and passion

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

  • I use a beautiful, heavy-weight, acid-free paper for my prints. Prints come unframed and signed by the artist. All of my prints are border-less.

     Each print is placed in a clear plastic sleeve to protect from moisture while travelling to you, and mailed in a rigid envelope. 

    Colors may vary due to monitor settings.