This is who Jesus is to me. I never felt connected to any of the porcelain white, blonde-haired depictions of Christ that I grew up seeing. As I've begun painting Jesus myself, this is what comes out of my fingertips. And I love Him. 


There is a hymn that I love. One of the lines is, 'He answers privately, reaches my reaching. In my Gethsemane, Savior and Friend'. In my Gethsemane, my personal suffering, He is my Savior and my Friend. Those words filled my heart as I painted this. 


I've always found the crown of thorns to be so beautiful. A reminder to me that He understands me perfectly. I wanted to depicted Him wearing them, because I think we all need to be reminded how personal His suffering was for each of us. He reaches us, in our confusion, in our doubts, in our sorrow, and in our suffering. He is your Savior and Friend. 

Savior & Friend 8x10 original painting

  • This is an original acrylic painting, painted on a beautiful, heavy-weight canvas, and sealed with varnish. It will be safely shipped to you in a sturdy box. 

    Colors may vary due to monitor settings.