A detailed print of my original painting titled '‘The Gardener’.


To me, the act of gardening is beautifully symbolic. It is intimate in a way. We grow attached to the things that we grow and coax into beautiful plants. As I’ve adopted more houseplants I’ve started to think about this a lot, and it reminded me of Christ. It struck me recently that He is our gardener. He knows us personally and knows what we can become. The process of becoming is uncomfortable and scary, full of growing pains and uncertainty. Mountains loom before us, storms rage down upon us, yet He is always there. Our steadfast gardener, the water of life, the light of the world. He gives life to all of us. 


I am so grateful for Him. 


Prints are printed with a full bleed (no border). Prints larger than 5x7 are cropped to fit paper dimensions. Colors may vary due to monitor settings.

'The Gardener' Print