I have been dreaming up my very own nativity painting for years. I finally got the courage to paint it. I wanted to include an exhausted Mary, with a still swollen belly, leaning on Joseph for support. I also wanted to include a shepherd and a shepherd girl, because there needs to be more women in religious artwork. Right next to the manger lies Mary and Joseph's faithful donkey, who travelled all the way with them to Bethlehem. I also wanted to include a black sheep and a white sheep, symbolic of all of God's children. Everyone in the painting, both individuals and animals are looking towards the Savior. I did this purposefully to remind myself of the important of keeping the Savior at the center of my life. How grateful I am for Him and all that He has done for me. How grateful I am that He was born on this beautiful night in Bethlehem. 

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The Nativity Print