A detailed print of my original painting titled 'Together We Build'. 


Together They Built:

A life,

A refuge,

Something safe,

Something beautiful,

Something strong,

Something that lasts,

Something that withstands the winds and the rain, 

A partnership,

A love.


This painting is dedicated to my husband on our anniversary. I like to create something in honor of him every year, but I felt that it was particularly important to share this message in the wake of many different tragedies that have happened recently. If the past few years have taught me anything, it’s that kindness, integrity, and love for your fellow neighbor start in the home. We need to build places of refuge, places where we practice kindness and truth. It is more important now than ever. 


I know that building a life looks different for everyone. This painting simply depicts the experiences I am having in my life right now, and the determination I have to building something safe.

Prints are printed with a full bleed (no border). Prints larger than 5x7 are cropped to fit paper dimensions. Colors may vary due to monitor settings.

'Together They Built' Print