This is a beautiful detailed print of my best-selling print, 'Watching Over Us'.  I was inspired to create this painting at the beginning of the pandemic, when the world felt in turmoil. I imagined our Heavenly Parents cradling the earth, watching over us. You can find my artist statement below. 


In all I go through, I feel you watching over me. In all the turmoil, I feel you both on my side. You are my source of light and peace. You, co-creators of your precious world, and all your children in it. 

I feel you holding me, my source of peace and surety amidst all the unknown. I can feel you constantly shaping and molding me. It is uncomfortable, but you have shown me my divine nature, and what I can become. I strive to love as you love me. I strive to protect as you protect me. I strive to watch over others, as I feel you watchi