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‘Grieving Together’. The rest of the US troops have officially left Afghanistan, and the war that lasted 20 years has concluded. The remains of the US service members who were killed are back in the United States. Many service men and women who were injured in Afghanistan are now fighting for their lives. In Afghanistan, countless men, women, and children mourn people they have lost. In the coming days, I suspect that the media will stop talking about those who gave their lives for us, their family members, and their sacrifice. I suspect that we will hear less and less about the families in Afghanistan who are stuck in an impossible situation. All I want to say is that we won’t forget. I’ll never forget what sacrifices have been made for our country by our military. And I’ll never forget the innocent families who are currently suffering in Afghanistan. We grieve with you, we grieve together, and we are praying for you always. In a world that wants to tear us apart and remind us of our differences, we have shown that we are all humans under the same sun. We care for those we have never met, we mourn with those that mourn, and we try our best to donate to charities and companies that are making a difference. We love each other, even though we have never met and may never meet. I have seen so much of that love over the past month as we watched tragedies unfold. That love is what we need more of.


A portion of these proceeds will be donated to  a charity helping Afghan refugees.


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