This is a 5x7 original gouache and watercolor painting. It is painted on professional watercolor paper.  The original painting will be shipped securely once dry!


'Wilt Thou Be Made Whole?'

A little painting in honor of one of my favorite stories in the Bible. Today in church we talked about the man at the waters of Bethesda. The waters were said to have healing powers, but to be healed you had to be the first into the water. This particular man had been suffering from an infirmity for 38 years, but could never make it to the water first because he moved very slowly, and had no one to help him get to the pool quickly. In the Bible, Christ finds this man and asks him ‘wilt thou be made whole?’. He then heals him and the man goes on his way.I’m not sure why this story makes me so emotional. Perhaps it’s the fact that the man waited to long and suffered alone for so many years. After years of having no friend to help him be healed, Christ-the ultimate and perfect friend and big brother-came and healed him. He knew what this man had gone through, he knew how lonely he had been and how desperate he was to be healed, and he knew his faith was strong. Before healing him, Christ asked ‘wilt thou be made whole’. This questions resonates so deeply with me. To me this means, will you let me heal you? Will you let me into your life? Will you love me back?Yes, yes, and yes. I will be made whole, but only with your help.


Colors may vary due to monitor settings.

'Wilt Thou Be Made Whole?' 5x7 original painting