This is a little drawing to represent Infertility Awareness Week and the people in our lives who are battling infertility. Infertility has affected many of my close friends and family. I’ve seen the pain it causes, and am constantly in awe of my friends who battle and endure it so faithfully and patiently. Each individual that struggles with or has struggled with infertility is a warrior, and I hope that they feel boosted up and loved this week. This little sketch I titled ‘Yearning’. I hope that it can give comfort and hope to some of my friends in this space.

Yearning Print

  • I use a beautiful, heavy-weight, acid-free paper for my prints. Prints come unframed and signed by the artist. All of my prints are border-less.

     Each print is placed in a clear plastic sleeve to protect from moisture while travelling to you, and mailed in a rigid envelope. 

    Colors may vary due to monitor settings.